OK. Now where were we? Oh, yeah. We left off at yada, yada, yada, and we were talking about New York Richie and his soon-to-be-famous Viper Sauce. This really is a long story, but we promise to make it short. If you want the really, really long version, give Richie a call at the restaurant. Some people think he talks so much that he moonlights for the mobile phone company, so make sure you have a lot of unused minutes.

Any way, this new Viper Sauce of Richie’s is really terrific! Even if he says so himself---and he does! He’s been tinkering with this sauce for the past six or seven years, making changes, large and small, trying to get it just right. People have been telling him for years that he ought to bottle and sell this stuff, but Richie wasn’t quite ready, saying, “We bottle no sauce before its time.” No one knows what that means, but apparently the time is now, and it can be purchased at his restaurant and soon in stores everywhere. Okay, not everywhere. But if enough of you get off your butts and buy this sauce, it soon will be. Hey! Don’t get mad at us. We’re just foolin’ around here.

The reason it took Richie so long to finalize the ingredients for this sauce is because he says he wanted it to go good with all kinds of food: sandwiches, meats, pizza, vegetables and desserts. Well, not really desserts, although Richie tried it once on ice cream and was speechless for the next 10 minutes. That’s a long time for Richie to go without saying anything, but even he couldn’t get his lips to part.

Did we say the sauce is really terrific already? We did. So that’s it folks. New York Richie’s Viper Sauce. It works on just about anything, except desserts. What else can we say other than, it’s Viperlicious!

But wait. There’s more to this story. We said we’d be short, but c’mon now; this is New York Richie we’re talking about here. Enough with the sauce already, let’s talk about Richie himself.
Richie grew up in Westchester, New York, the oldest and only son of Richard and Frances Brose. After Richie was born, his parents limited themselves to girls, three of them. We can understand that. Frances loved to cook, making all kinds of Italian dishes. She made a marinara sauce to die for, and Richie spent a lot of time in the kitchen watching his mother cook. Another reason he spent so much time in the kitchen was because he was always hungry. When Richard and Frances would go out for the evening, Richie would sneak into the kitchen and start cooking. He would eat, clean up and be in bed by the time his parents returned home. What a nice Italian boy he was.
Because he ate so much, Richie also became interested in bodybuilding. But little did he know at the time that these two interests would come to define the adult New York Richie. Did we say adult? We apologize for using that word loosely.

So where does Richie’s showmanship come from. It comes from his father, Richard, who not only was an insurance salesman with New York Life, but who also liked to dabble in show business. Not a lot, but enough to get Richie interested. Let’s see, now. First, eating. Then cooking and bodybuilding. Now show business. And we haven’t even gotten to fast cars, yet. Gee! What a life already this Richie guy is leading.

How many of you remember the TV Series Kojak, starring Telly “Who loves ya baby” Savalas? That was Richie’s first exposure to show biz. The show was shot in New York City, and Richie’s dad played different bit scenes in the show, and every now and then would take Richie with him to the set. Richie and his dad later appeared in a late 1970s commercial that became very famous: “Things go better with Coke.”

When Richie turned 21, he moved to Arizona, where he attended junior college (boys are slower than girls). After a couple of years there, he moved on to Las Vegas, working as a Bodyguard at Caesar’s Palace for boxing events. Say what? Yep, a bodyguard. He was doing other things in Vegas, too, but we all know, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” In any case, Richie doesn’t want to talk about it, so there! By the way, he got the job through his grandfather’s contacts. His granddad was a matchmaker for Madison Square Garden in New York City. But that’s another story.

It was about that time that the film “Conan, The Barbarian,” starring now California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, was popular in movie theaters. In 1983, building on the popularity of that film, Universal Studios created “The Adventures of Conan” attraction for it Studio Tour. Richie auditioned for the part and got the lead part playing Conan, a role he continued in for the next 10 years. During that time, he also became a member of the Screen Actors Guild, and appeared in numerous TV shows, including Married with Children, Night Court, A Team, Simon and Simon and Murder She Wrote, among others.

And as though that was not enough to keep him busy, Richie also opened up his first restaurant in the Antelope Valley, where he lived and commuted to his job at Universal. In the mid 1990s, Richie decided to distance himself from the glamour of Hollywood and moved to Vancouver, WA, where he opened another restaurant, the very First New York Richie’s. This marked his first serious venture into perfecting various recipes, including the Viper Sauce. Every once in awhile, however, the acting bug would bite him and he would go back to Los Angeles for short periods of time, including a one-year stint playing Batman at Magic Mountain Amusement Park.

Each time, Richie kept coming back to the restaurant business and his first passion: cooking. From Vancouver, Richie went on to open several other restaurants until finally, in 2004, he settled in LaGrande, Oregon, where he now owns and operates New York Richie’s Restaurant. In 2007, building on the success of that restaurant, he opened a second New York Richie’s in Enterprise, Oregon.

These two towns are about as far as you can get from Hollywood, but that’s okay with Richie, who has found an inner peace in Oregon (this is the serious part of the story), and today gives thanks to the Lord for all his blessings and dressings (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves on that one). Back to serious for a moment. Richie is someone who loves people, loves to talk and says his customer service is second to none. And he gives thanks every day for the “real” people of his community, who have helped him gain a new and solid footing in his life.

So there you have it. The real Richie B…except for the cars. Oh my gosh! We forgot the cars. Okay. Okay. Just a couple more sentences and we’ll be basta (that’s Italian for enough already). Richie’s passion for cars, Dodge Vipers in particular, is well known to most of his friends and relatives. He owns a rare 1998 Viper GTS-R. Dodge made only 100 of this model to commemorate its victory at the world-famous 24 Hours of LeMans. Most people would keep a collectible like this locked up in the garage. Not Richie. He has more than140,000 miles on his Viper, and drives it everywhere. He is somewhat of a “track rat” and is also an accomplished race car driver. Richie also recently purchased a Dodge truck, which he says he will use to deliver the thousands of bottles of Viper Sauce he plans to make and sell. Of course, this is no ordinary truck. This one is powered by a V-10 Viper engine, the same power plant in his car. He’s also been known to deliver a pizza or two in his Viper.

If you’ve read this far down the page, you deserve a medal for sticking with us. We’re out of medals right now, but come by the restaurant and receive a free taste of Richie’s Viper Sauce. If you can’t make it in, purchase a bottle through this website---and don’t be surprised if you get a call from Richie asking how you like it.

He’s that kind of guy.


Si, enough already!